novolumecontrol said: .. Did that last Anon just imply that because you run a porn blog, or that that you may love sex, you're not allowed to have standards or the ability to say "no" to anyone who comes onto you and wants to get with you? .. LOL. What a poor, delusional bastard.

Anonymous said: get off ur high horse. u run a porn page. tf

That you follow

sexyblackme said: You cute kik me i want the spit

LMAO! There’s two people that run this blog and I’m pretty sure you haven’t seen either of our faces….bye girl.

Anonymous said: Do you know where the gif of the buff black guy fingering that guys ass is from?

Yes, and I found out by reading the tags that I originally posted.

probablygreen said: the gifs + tags. T H A N K Y O U. Amazing tumblog!

juanramos205 said: Hi ;)


blackmeet3 said: Shit bro would love to KIK. ..or exchange picks

umm no.

a-a-a-s-s-s said: Best fucking gay page that kind you so much I've pretty much been playing with myself for a couple hours thanks to u.. and I thought I was straight haha